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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

A true love story
Dedicated to Laurel McMahon

Submitted by Danielle

She watched me. She fed me. She bathed me. She clothed me. She gave me shelter. She did everything for me that I couldn't do for myself.

She taught me. She played with me. She dreamed with me. She gave me hope. She guided me. She protected me. She prayed for me.

She hugged me. She kissed me. She showed me affection. She loved me unconditionally. She accepted my love. She showed me how to love. She gave me life. She was my first love. Her name is Mom.

This year she will be 50 and she has always dreamed of going to Hawaii, but never has had the opportunity to go.

So now…I will dream with her. I will pray for her. I will give her hope and I will enter this contest. I'd like her to have the opportunity to go to Hawaii while she can really enjoy it. I love you, Mom.

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