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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

With His Glance
Dedicated to Aaron Gaber

Submitted by Amanda

We have loved each other for three years now. Three years seems to be an eternity compared to what we have been through. The heartache, the lovers quarrel, the times of clarity and passion. This is the essence of love I guess. This is what everyone who is in love feels, time and time again.

But we were different, at least we thought so. Often, after a heated argument or the most stressful of times together, we would reflect on Hawaii. Where we met, the very moment that I caught his eye and that glance that he gave me, oh that smile that he gave me. I will never forget that smile, I won't soon forget a great many things that happened to me and that seems to happen to most when you are in Hawaii.

It almost seems like I can still feel the warm sun in may face, with my fast beating heart next to his, I can almost smell the salt-water in the air so distinct and tropical. It brings me to a different time, a time of love, but mostly to a time where love begins.

This is Hawaii alright, the only place where this type of love can begin. And it did for us. And it will continue for many others, it is a magical isle no doubt about that. Hopefully I can come back to this place of great love, mystery and beauty. Maybe I will, hmm, hopefully I will!

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