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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Good Man Lost & Found Again
Dedicated to Jerry

Submitted by Ginny

I had met Jerry,after I left my husband of 16 years-for being very abusive & unfaithful! I liked Jerry right from the start-he was funny & very easy to be with. We began casual dating, we had alot of fun together. Love at first sight? No, I think for both of us- it was an instant "LIKE"! We had both been hurt by someone & were taking it slowly. I was still feeling guilty for not loving my husband anymore (Till Death Do Us Part). Jerry made me realize that it wasn't my fault, that I had tried for 16 years & I could never change him! Jerry was very good with my two boys & my family loved him, he was a genuinely good man, he did have some faults that I really didn't like, but I had some, also! Mine, the most bothersome for him-was my indecisiveness about getting divorced & being single again. I had friends that didn't think Jerry was right for me, but as I look back, they just wanted me to party with them, & I really believe they were jealous-stupid me! My Fault! Not theirs, for being so stupid! We stopped being a couple, he tried to make me come to my senses, but, I didn't! We recently started to communicate with each other again, after 20 years. I never remarried, but Jerry did. My lose, her gain-Lucky woman. He would never cheat on his wife, but we do email each other with jokes ,very casual friendship, just how we started the first time! If I ever have a second chance with Jerry, I would definitely marry him, if he would ask me. One thing, it would be like a fairy tale come true to be married in Paradise! I've always dreamed of being married in Hawaii-barefoot on the beach to the man that I SO REALLY LOVED & THREW AWAY! Will there ever be a second chance? I'll be waiting!

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