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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Hues of Hawaii
Dedicated to Anyone who dreams

Submitted by Anonymous

Hues of Hawaii

H H is heavenly visions in my slumber of dark blue water rushing towards my feet nestled in the pristine beach.

A A is aquaintance with Hawaii while I sleep. Visions of tropical flowers, smelling then, caressing them. Then a visit from the moon overlooking the ocean. Rest....wonderful rest!

W W is wishful dreams of calm peaceful islands where everyone is happy, peacful and caring wanting me to have the same joy.

A A is adjusting to my morning wake up in KY after dreaming of Hawaii. I have longed for so many years to taste Hawaii but only have my dreams.

I I is interest in the bounty that all Hawaians already possess. The islands full of spirituality!

I I is inspiration of just knowing there is a place on earth so close to heaven I'm sure. Maybe someday I will get there but if not I will have my dreams of wonder of beautiful Hawaii!!!

And so ends my writing of which I am not very good, but I know this land is wonderful. I pray it will be for me to enjoy someday......

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