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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Oh for Crying out Loud
Dedicated to My husband, my lover, my confidant

Submitted by Debra

Married 23 years and my husband had such a cliché mid-life crisis. Suddenly I'm devastated and divorced. I have to make a new life for myself, so I decided to move from Michigan to Arizona where my two wonderful sisters live. I'm looking for a church to attend and find one right in my own neighborhood. From the very first time I attended I knew I was home and this was so right for me. A few months later the pastor said "stand up and meet your neighbor". The man in front of me stood, turned around, stuck out his hand, and with a warm smile and twinkling eyes introduced himself. Next week before church starts he's sitting by me making conversation and asking me out. Next week the same thing, and the next, and the next. Christmas time has come. My grown son is visiting from Michigan and my sisters tell him about the guy at church that keeps asking me out. As I'm leaving for church he comes to me and asks "so Mom, if that guy at church asks you out again are you going"? "I don't know son" I said. He replies, "Oh for crying out loud Mom it's not like your going to marry the guy or anything, just go out with him".

That Sunday I accepted a date, eleven months later we were married. Now for the first time in my life I am a Goddess. I have never been happier. I am married to the best husband on the face of the earth. I never believed in soul-mates before but we are living proof. Romance is ever present in our home. The islands of Hawaii await these lovers, these soul-mates, this mortal Goddess and her man. We hear their call.

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