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Love Stories of Hawaii


Our Hawaii
Dedicated to My Wonderful Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

I still remember stepping off the plane for the first time in hawaii. It wasn't because this was the first time I had flown on a plane (although that was great). It was everything else that made this moment have a very special place in my memories. The soft air kissing my skin (I love where it is very dry and humidity was a pleasure I had not yet expereinced), an intoxicating blend of ocean air and plumarius and plam trees everywhere. I was convinced that I has been transported to a paradise that only a few privilaged people get to expereice. This was the frist vacation of this kind my family had ever taken. Sure we had gone camping and many wonderful memories under our belts. But this was different. We weren't poor, but a vacation of this kind was a once in a lifetime and we all cherished the memories respectfully.

I'm all grown up now and married to a wonderful man. Often when we are with family or friends the topic of Hawaiian vacations comes up.. While everyone happily shares thier stories of Hawaaiian vacations gone by I notice my usually out going, happy-go-lucky husband suddenly go quiet. His usually kind and happy expression turns to one of sadness and longing. Later and alone I hear his sad monologue.

You see, growing up, my husband WAS poor. His mother and brother were left by his no good father and his mother was forced to work 2 and 3 jobs. He was left to care for his younger brother as there was no money fro babysitters let alone vacations.

We now had two beautiful children, a house, a dog and my husband earns enough money that I am able to be a stay-at-home-mom. Painful memories of his youth made the desission for me to stay home an easy one for us. We have what we need but certainly not enough money for trips to Hawaii.

My husband was determined to give his children what he never had - a happy childhood. Our spare money and spare time goes into our "Ohana". He coaches, reads, bikes, volunteers, fishes and just "is" with our children. We have had many wonderful family camping holidays but Hawaii is just out of our reach.

I think this is why my heart breaks for him so whn I see that all to familiar look. "Has everyone been to Hawaii but me?" he asks. "I'd like to go, just once, so I could join the conversation and know what everyone is talking about."

I would love for him to expereince Hawaii so he too could have these memories and images that the rest of us hold so dear. But alas, there is always a roof that needs reshingeling or a son whom is desperate to play hockey and our bank account is always running on empty.

I crawl into his big, strong arms and hold him close. I assure him that one day we will go and have "our Hawaii" stories to tell. But I ponder quietly about how long "Our Hawaii" will have to wait.

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