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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Could It Happen In Hawaii?
Dedicated to B. B.

Submitted by LaRose

For almost 15 years, I enjoyed life with the most wonderful man around, my husband Jim. At times we talked about taking a vacation to Hawaii and whether we would stay on land or cruise all the islands. But we never seemed to find the time or money to get farther than a few hundred miles away and for only a day or two at a time. Hawaii seemed like only a daydream.

Then suddenly and unexpectedly, my husband died after having a massive heart attack. My heart was shattered after losing the love of my life. And so that I would not ever have to experience that kind of excruciating pain again, I made the decision not to ever let myself love anyone like that ever again. I was all of 41 years old.

After a couple of years alone, I finally decided it was okay just to have a companion---someone to pal around with to movies, dinner, auctions; but no romance! I had built that wall around my heart and no one was going to tear it down; I would not allow it.

Then I met B. B., who amazed me with our similarities and our ability to talk for hours and hours. I had never known anyone, including my dear husband, who was so much like me. It's scary at times. As you can guess, my heart began to melt and, after several years now, I know it wasn't meant for me to spend the rest of my life alone. B. B. proves that to me every single day.

Now at 50 years old, I am living a life once again full of love and joy. And I think it's finally time I get a second chance at a romantic vacation in Hawaii with the one who has given me a second chance at love!

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