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Timeless Love

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Dedicated to Anyone Whoever Has Been A Soloheart

Submitted by Velda

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

I rarely dated over the past eight years I guess I never really got interested in much of the dating scene. I was always busy raising the kids after or working so I never took the time or had the extra money and then I had a bilateral mastectomy and dated even less.

Then I met Bill on Friday the 13th (Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me, in my career and personal life).

We met thru a mutual friend & associate. I accepted an invitation to join a group going out for the evening and since I had not been out in months I decided to go. My first impression was not "the normal physical type I would be attracted to" but I got to talking to him and I got to listening to what he was saying and found that he has a beautiful soul.

After dating a while and sharing time together I found that I want to be with him because he is good, kind to others, honest and trustworthy and he makes me laugh. I want to share all life has given me to offer him. I want to make him smile and make him happy he is with me.

Until now I was alone in my journey of life learning, growing and making myself a better person till he came into my life. I prayed for his happiness everyday and his ability to find. I prayed God would bring me the man he intended for me.

Our relationship has developed and we have chosen a wedding date for January Friday 13, 2006. He lives about an hour away so he travels to come see me. Sometimes we set and talk about a dream we each have of sitting on the beach while listening to the beach as the waves hit the shore, oh and a few Gardenias in my hair. We listen to a cd that has beach waves and sea gulls sounds, but no real smell of the ocean, or romantic smells of the Gardenias.

We had always dreamed a vacation on a beautiful white sandy beach like the ones they have in beautiful Hawaii but not able to do that. My last vacation was in 1982. Bill 1987.

I would like to be with Bill in Hawaii on our honeymoon watching a sunset on the beach and be totally happy because God has then answered all the prayers I ever had, to be alive and have love. I know I kept strong on the path being strong and faithful to my belief that God will always be there. Many times there have only been one set of foot prints in the sand, but I have remained strong in my perseverance to go on. I think a beautiful place like Hawaii would be a perfect start to a new life. I am no longer a soloheart.

Thank you
Velda Palen

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