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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

And then there was Hawaii
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

We have been married for 11 years and have 2 lovely children. Through the years, that spark has been covered up by the responsibilities of children, work and everyday issues. We both know that the spark is still there, it is just so far out of reach. We have both stood true to each other in such trying times. Desperately waiting for the right time and place to rekindle that fire. Money is tight which does not help matters and it is hard to find the time to go somewhere romantic in the same city for just a few hours. What is truely needed is a good bit of time together in a great place where we can lose all those troubles and live fancy free! I would love nothing more than to have this trip to Hawaii, a place where romance is alive and a place where we can kick our shoes off and be free with each other like we used to be. It would be so wonderful to uncover that spark again and have nothing more to worry about other than where to have a nice quiet dinner together and what we will do today. No worries of getting to work, getting the kids ready for school, what to cook for dinner, laundry or paying the bills! Hawaii is where my husband and I need to be to make all of this happen.

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