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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

I Want To Celebrate
Dedicated to Greg

Submitted by Darby

I want to celebrate the man I met in 7th grade. Playing kickball, riding the school bus, getting a first kiss, these were just the beginning of many memories. How could I have known that he would become a husband who shows love easily and gives compliments generously? How could I see a father who's greatest joy is to take his children to get a donut while singing old gospel songs on the radio? When you marry young, it's a gamble. It can go either way since neither of you have become the person you will one day be. I have been continually shocked and surprised that this man I chose has maintained his commitment to fill my home with love, stability, and a moral example. His hard work is evident in every facet of our daily lives. Someone like him needs to be rewarded, and what better reward than an island paradise. Oh how I'd love to take him away to Hawaii, to show him that his efforts are appreciated. I'd love to kiss him again under a setting sun, watch the surf stroll in, experience the beauty and colors of love, and remind him of how I feel.

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