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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

At last Kauai
Dedicated to My Love,my Husband Glen

Submitted by Sandra

It's taken 22 years of marriage, 2 finally grown children and 2 plane flights ; at last, with arms wrapped around each other Kauai has become a reality as we step from the plane and breathe in the beautiful hawaiian breezes. My husband Glen's greatest desire has always been to hike and swim here in this garden isle. Only life can be hard and responsibilities weighing leaving no room to make desires into realities. Glen stood beside me helping when I suffered an 8 year long back injury. Taking roofing jobs far from home;left to sleep in tents at months-long intervals so that we could keep our home. Through his love and care I healed and was hired as manager of Victoria's Secret. That was when I got the opportunity to fulfil his HAWAIIAN desire. Paid Vacation...what great 2 words those are.I immediately booked a full weeks vacation in Kauai. We had this wonderful condo with a view of the need for attire at the end of each enchanting night..just blissful romance and each other. We must have snorkled around most of the island; swimming with turtles and even finding treasure beneath the waves in Poipu. Glen promised to buy me ring to remember our trip always..even better was the coral encrusted 18kt gold band he found snorkling. Once cleaned it revealed its surface to look like a hawaiian grass skirt.Every time I wear it I'm transported back to Hawaii and the magical time we enjoyed. So enraptured are we by Hawaii that we are trying to move there. We are also about to enjoy our first hawaiian 4 island cruise...and were sharing it with a special friend. Don't just desire Hawaii....make it a reality and share it with someone you truly love!

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