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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Love of a lifetime...
Dedicated to Jack Caldwell

Submitted by linda

I always wanted to go to Hawaii. But I never thought it would happen quite like this...At 42 yrs. of age I found out that I was adopted. That was a real shock, but I was excited when I found out that I would be meeting "family" that I never knew I had! So, after several meetings with my new family (that included three brothers) I found myself becoming incredibly close to my one brother. He lived in IN. and I lived in MI. We commuted many times,always leaving each time in tears and with the feeling that something was amiss. So one day, we had a DNA test done and found out that we were not really brother and sister after all...Needless to say, we love each other deperately,completely, endlessly. I have never been so close to another person in my life. We have gotten a few strange looks,and probably a few words have been spoken about us, But neither of us can imagine our lives ANY different. I have never been so loved,so happy and so blessed!!

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