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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Man Of My Dreams
Dedicated to Casey DeWitt

Submitted by Courtney

March 2003 ia a date that will never be forgotten. As a college student I decided to take my spring break with a friend and go visit her family living in Hawaii. Our flight left on the 14th of March. We arrived in Oahu and were going to stay at her sisters house. In order to get used to the four hour time difference, my friend said we needed to go out. Reluctant, I finally agreed. We went to a place called Duke's bar and grill. There was this amazing looking guywith dark hair and dark eyes, that I knew had to be there with a date. After an hour or so my friend and I walked on the beach from the patio of Duke's and "the guy" went to follow. We turned around and my friend ran over to ask him if he would mind taking a picture of us. He agreed and when he handed the camera back to her, she asked if she could take a picture of he and I. Afterwards, I introduced myself to him. I told him I was from Texas and he said that he had just transferred to Hawaii with his job but he is actually from Lousiana. We went from one place to the next that night. My friend, Casey and I and stayed out until 4 in the morning. At the end of the night, we went our seperate ways. I called him the next day and again we met up and went out, and again went our seperate ways. On the 3rd day, I called him to tell him we were leaving that day to go see her parents on Kona island and were going to be there for 4 days. I didn't get to tell him good-bye but we talked on the phone everyday. After 4 days we flew back to Oahu and stayed for 3 more days because we could not get a flight back to Houston Texas. The day finally came and we got a flight out. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I didn't want to say good-bye because I had fallin in love with Casey. I returned home and in 3 hours I received flowers from him with a card that said "I miss you". We talked daily for hours and time went by. We made several visits back and forth and the long distance relationship lasted ten months. Now, a little over two years later, we own a home and are going to be married in September of 2005 here in Texas. I met the man of my dreams in a place of my dreams. Hawaii definately makes people fall in love. Maybe somday we can return as husband and wife.

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