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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

My first and only kiss
Dedicated to My soul mate

Submitted by Jennifer

My first visit to Hawaii I only expected one thing...the beaches, the sand and the luau. But one summer evening as I was strolling on the beach with my hair flowing to the beat of the wind, there was a man that stood from a distance. I glanced at him and he glanced back with a smile. His smile was reassuring and very welcoming. I smiled back. We had passed each other as I continued to walk on the shore. I then felt a tap on my shoulder and there he was the same man again. He was tall,dark and beautiful. His eyes were almond shaped and very inviting. As I turned around slowly he introduced himself and asked if he can join me. Without hesitation I said, "yes." So there it began a short walk to a lifetime of love and happiness together. Ironically we live in California not too far from eachother. We managed to keep in touch which later developed into a relationship. When I first kissed him it was my first kiss. And to this day everytime we kiss the first thing that pops in our mind is HAWAII.

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