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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Soul of Hawaii
Dedicated to All Who Return

Submitted by Karen

All who go to Hawaii, have their hearts taken. Not by a person, but the soul of the islands themselves. They give it back to you, better, healed, loved. You are given so much, you have much to give away to others! Your longing to return is almost overwhemling, you MUST return, to renew the healing, and love. A visit to Hawaii is not just a tour of the "sights", but an experience. The greatests sights are the children playing in the surf, the elderly man who walks a mile with you back to your hotel, telling stories of his youth all the way, and of the old ways. The sunsets, the sunrises, the smell of the trade winds blowing in the clean ocean air, the monk seal basking in the sun just feet from your blanket, comfortable with you, you with he. The fragrance of the flowers in the noon day. The smile of the lady who asks you to join her family picnic, and you do. Hawaii is a special place, like no other in the world. Go, look, listen, let your heart be opened, and be WILL filled.

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