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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Aloha means Love
Dedicated to Keith Stevenson

Submitted by Angela

My husband and I had been married for 10 years. During this time we had some good times, but many more bad times. In 2001, we came to a crossroad in our marriage. We were at the brink of a divorce. I was so scared and frustrated. My mother had visited the islands of Hawaii before. She loved the islands so much and she tried to express to me how spiritually and physically beautiful it was. She loved Hawaii so much that she scheduled a return trip and she invited my family to accompany her. My husband and I were having so many problems that he did not want to go. I agreed to go without him. My mother, daughter and I boarded the plane. The flight was 10 hours long which gave me plenty of time to ponder my situation. The more I thought about it, the more I leaned toward the idea of divorce. I decided that when I returned, I would contact an attorney. I stepped off the plane in Honolulu with my mind made up. From the moment that I arrived on Hawaii, the spirit of Aloha engulfed me. The air was fresh with the fragrance of flowers and I immediately felt a calmness come into my spirit. Everyone that I encountered in Hawaii was so pleasant and friendly and genuine. It was the most soothing atmosphere that I had ever experienced. Each day that I spent in Hawaii I was flooded with the concepts of Aloha. I learned to slow down and enjoy what is really important in life. As the week progressed, I began to look around at all of the love that was present and it began to seep into my pores. By the middle of the week, I remember thinking to myself, Hawaii will make you fall in love with even your enemy. As I continued my stay I began wishing that my husband could experience Hawaii. I began realizing that I could not be mad at him while I was there. No matter what had transpired between us, the spirit of Aloha took away all of my bad feelings. I became certain that if he were to come to Hawaii, he too would feel the same way. As my visit came to and end, and the time came for me to depart Hawaii, I remember standing in the airport and feeling sad only that my trip was ending. I vowed that I would return to Hawaii and bring my husband with me to continue our healing process. When I returned, my husband was surprised by my demeanor. I must say that I did not honor the request not to take anything back with me from Hawaii. Because, I brought back the spirit of Aloha. This spirit saved my marriage and allowed me to come home and give our marriage a second chance. That was four years ago and we are still married. We have planned to spend our second honeymoon in Hawaii next year. I cannot wait until my husband can experience the spirit of Aloha, the spirit that allowed me to love him again.

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