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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

my Angel-Pie
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Anonymous

My husband is my hero and we have a timeless love in that our love will transcend time as we know it.

My hero came into my life when I had lost all hope for love, After an abusive relationship that tore me and my 2 sons up emotionally and physically for 14 years, I escaped,believing with all my heart that I would never give my heart away nor let anyone else ever hurt me or more importantly my sons. Then,like an answer to an unspoken prayer, Richard came into our lives, Anyone can tell you that he is the kindest person in the world. He served our country proudly in the first wave of assault in Iraq back in the Gulf War, Desert Storm,Returning to Kuwait several times after that, he continues to long to serve in that respect and selfishly, I long for his safety, So that he has not re-enlisted.

He returned to us and began his quest to become a registered nurse, He has acomplished that goal, and now works 12 hour shifts in the Cardiac Care unit of one of our local hospitals, His patients are blessed to have him as their caregiver and our family is blessed to have him in our midst, HIs compassion and dedication is unbelievable, I know a dream vacation to Hawaii would reward him in a way that will be memorable for us all and will let us show him how much he means to me and my sons. Thank you for this opportunity! Sincerely, a Blessed life.


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