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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

I knew you were the one
Dedicated to Carlos Goff

Submitted by Cherraun

Carlos and I met at church when he was six and I was five. During every summer vacation bible study I can remember playing with him.

As we got older, we were starting to notice changes in our personality and appearance. There was a time when he and I were in a teenager group together, which would meet every weekend for outings. That was definitely about the time we were beginning to like each other. Being young and unsure about what your attracted to, there was a flip flop with him liking me and I'm liking someone else and me liking him and him not interested at that time in me.

The summer of his senior year of high school, we decided to go out together and have a serious relationship. That was the best decision I made!

Ever since then we have been togther happy and in love. We're going on sixteen years of being together and ten years of marriage. Our dream honeymoon place has alway been going to Hawaii. One day that dream will come true......

That's my story of how I knew Carlos was the one for me.

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