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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

To Be Together Again
Dedicated to Krystle

Submitted by Anonymous

The word and feeling of love is a miraculous strong bond that can stand through the test of time and endure various hardships of boundless distances. This very word was to be tested between me and my girlfriend whose family had just move to Hawaii. It was a devastating feeling to have the one you hold dear to you, be so far away. We had planned on getting married after we were both finished with school, but this predicament had alleviate a state of uncertainty in me and our future. From the moment she left, I felt a great pain in me and an empty space that no one else could fill. I was in a great state of depression and melancholy. I kept on thinking to myself, how could everything be so good one day and be so bad the next. I was at the moment of my life where I could not focus on school or have any fun. Our days were filled short phone conversations that added to the immeasurable amount that I was missing her. I had begun balancing work and school so that I would be able to save money to come see her during summer. It was hard to say the very least to find time that I could actually talk to her. We both felt we were drifting, but we stayed loyal to each other and understand the situation that we were in by trying to make the most of it.
After months of working, summer arrived and the long tedious hours I put into work had paid off; I was going to Hawaii to visit her. We were both very excited at the thought. When I arrived, it was the greatest joy we ever felt in our lives. I finally had her in my arms again. The beauty of Hawaii is breath taking and had a euphoric feeling that added to the romantic climate. We took long walks on the beach, watch the sunset, swam in the warm ocean, and experienced our first luau together. All this beauty made the trip so much better for us to spend quality time together in a paradise of heaven. Being with her in Hawaii reassure to us both that we did want to spend the rest of our lives together and in the near future, we will definitely come and reside there. It felt as if we were living in the future that is surely soon to come. After a month, I had to go back to the mainland (CA). We were both saddened to leave each other once again; it was a heart wrenching experience. It has been over a year since she has been gone and we made two trips to come see each other within that year. In a year, she'll be back to go to school, but in the meantime we're separated by an ocean, out of money, and yearning to see each other once again. Krystle, I love you.

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