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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

"Will You Marry Me Again.
Dedicated to My wife and best friend, Debbie

Submitted by Robert

Debbie and I have been married twenty-two years. All have been wonderful. Like any longterm relationship, in order for it continue to grow requires finding ways to keep it interesting. Like planning one of those subtle surprises that rekindles the spark.

We had already had made travel plans to spend Christmas vacation in Hawaii. Sort of our Christmas gift to each other. I decided that it would be a great if we could renew our wedding vows on the beach in Maui. However, I did not tell Debbie as I thought it would be a great way surprise her. Through some local contacts I was directed to an especially marvelous Christian minister in Lahaina. With his help I planned a ceremony on the beach at Kapalua Bay at sunset. Now I only had to figure out a way to tell her.

Since our family was having Christmas dinner this year at our oldest daughter's home in the Chicago suburbs, I thought , "what a great opportunity." We were leaving for Hawaii in the morning, so the timing had to be now.

I let our daughters in on my plans. They thought it was great. And, of course, they inquired, "Dad, did you get mom a ring?" Being the romantic that I am, I had already purchased a past,present and future diamond ring to present to Debbie. As we sat down to dinner, I told everyone present I had an announcement to make. I have already stategically placed our video camera in a position to see everything. I got down on one knee, turned to Debbie, and, as I gave her the ring, I asked her to marry me again on a beach in Hawaii. She looked at me and said "I would love to."

We left for Maui the next morning, looking forward to relaxing in the sun and to our upcoming ceremony. On our last day on Maui, we met Reverend Laki at Kapalua Bay for our ceremony.

He blew the conch shell to call the whales. We exchanged our vows, gave each other a lei, and released two doves as a pledge of our everlasting

love for each other. As the reverend played a Hawaiian wedding song us, we danced beneath the swaying palms and watched as two whales blew their spouts in the distance. As the sun began to set between the clouds and the mountains of Molokai, it shined beams of light around us like a picture in a storybook. It was so serene, the beach, the sunset, the calming breeze of the ocean, like a dream you hope would never end. Getting "Mauied" now had true meaning. It was a moment in paradise we both will cherish for the rest of our lives.

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