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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Our journey to Hawaii
Dedicated to My wife Jan

Submitted by Anonymous

Our journey to Hawaii begins in Green Bay, Wisconsin in mid September. We called this trip our first real vacation and a celebration of our 25th Wedding Anniversary. After a lot of web surfing and some help from our local travel agent, we booked our flight and a Hotel in Lihu`e for a 7 night stay on the Garden Isle, Kauai.

Thanks to the Ultimate Kauai Guidebook we had plenty of ideas and places to visit. The highlights of our activities included: the massive beach of Polihale on the West Shore, an ascent of 4000 feet for a view of Kalalau Valley shrouded in clouds and mist, and the beauty of Bali Hai and Ha'ena Beach where we played in the surf and marveled at the power of the 5 foot waves.

As we made our way around the island we indulged in a variety of tasty treats including pizza, papaya, ahi, ginger salmon, goat cheese wonton, heart of palm saimin, chi anu, veggie wraps, and of course ice cream.

On a side trip we ventured down Papa`a Road to Aliomanu Beach. Following a somewhat overgrown path we tried to find our way to the beach, however, with the ocean in sight the path disappeared. Suddenly, a lone figure appeared with a fishing pole in hand. She prompted us to continue, "It's ok, just keep to your left", and soon we found our way to the deserted beach. We paused for a moment to catch our breath. Looking over my wife's shoulder I could see a large smooth black rock like outline on the shore not more than 20 feet away. There, sleeping in the sun was a monk seal! Quickly, we managed to snap a couple of photos before quietly moving along. Further up the beach we noticed a rustic swing, hanging from the most remarkable tree. Dangling from its branches were mobiles of shells and driftwood. We would have lingered in this fairytale like setting longer, but the sun was now nearly on the horizon and it was time to find our way back for the evening.

By our 5th day it was time to head for the skies again, this time by helicopter. We were told that we were in luck since some recent rainfall had revitalized many of the more seasonal waterfalls. We encountered a tropical shower as we flew in from the Na Pali coast to the North Shore. The rain only enhanced our experience and as we descended into the Wai`aleale crater it conjured up images of the Lost World.

Now there was only one day remaining. We took a long casual stroll along the nearly deserted Nukoli`i` Beach. That evening we enjoyed a romantic dinner for two. For desert we shared a piece of Liliko`i cheesecake topped with fresh marinated strawberries, for a delicious ending to our Kauai Vacation.

Aloha, Garden Isle.

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