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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

"A Rainbow for my Lady"
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Darlene

We have always had a special love. Over 25 years of every kind of problem a couple can have, including losing all four of our parents and a sister. All this situations has made life very hard at times.

We always tried to give and be there for each parent as they went through everything including variuos cancers, and my Mom, Ivy, who lived to be 90 years old.

My husband was the strong one. Sometimes I wanted to just let go and give up, and with many prayers and heartfelt tears, we went on.

Life tested us about everything... Money, friends, choices, everything!

In 2001, we really did not have the money for a vacation, but we went to Oahu in Hawaii and stayed in a very inexpensive hotel to be with relatives to try to get passed another lose about to happen in San Diego. My husbands Mom was on her last days with cancer. Dying. She did live only one more week. It was our last parent. We still had hope, becouse that is how we are. It was almost impossible to enjoy ourselfs, even on the islands, with this sorrow over us.

One day we got up early and drove to Sunset beach,a special Hawaiian location, thinking a few hours of guiet would be good. We went to the park across from where the famous surfing beach is located and started walking. It was dark skys and about to rain. We came upon a hammock in the middle of the park, before the waterfall.

We said nothing, just sat down together. All was so quiet. It began to litely rain. I began to cry. To be loosing our last parent was to much

to bear. At that moment, Mark, my husband, said "would I stop crying if he made a rainbow appear for me"? I said "OK..but that could never happen".

In one minute the sky cleared and an unbelievable bright rainbow started to form above us, it went all across the sky all the way over to the waterfall and around all the trees. Two blue peacocks landed near us and made a small sound. I did not stop crying only becouse it was to beautiful. Instead I was filled with joy and a great sense of peace. Mark said

"A rainbow for My Lady"..and he also cried.

I knew right there our love was timeless.

I hope you enjoy this story. I did my best to put it on paper, but it was not easy, it was to perfect of a moment. The RAINBOW we will always remember.

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