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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My Second Chance Testimony
Dedicated to Jim Leslie

Submitted by Debbie

My first marriage was physically and mentally abusive and ended in divorce in 1995 after 17 years.

About 9 years ago, I remarried a wonderful, gentle, kind, Godly man, Jim Leslie. When we married we did not have many material things. In fact, I have worn a used wedding ring for the past 9 years. Let me explain. I have worked for State Farm and this was a ring that we had paid a client for, she had lost and she later found it and she returned the ring to State Farm. When Jim and I were discussing marriage this ring had been in my bosses drawer for several months. When he heard Jim and I were thinking of marrying we bought the ring from State Farm once we pay the value they determined it to be. It was a nice ring and perfectly fit my size 4 ring finger. And the ring to me symbolized truth and honestly.

We have both been promoted in jobs and rewarded monetarily over the last several years enabling us to save and recover from the financial hardship divorce causes.

Jim had worked one Saturday in March this year, and upon coming home he asked me to dinner.

After his shower, and dressing in proper attire, we proceeded to go to Mancy's to dinner. While we were sitting waiting for a table, Jim said, "Will you marry me?" That seemed like a silly question, because we were married on August 10, 1996. And he said again, "Will you marry me again in Maui?" We have been planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii, in May. And as he asked the second time, he slid a small white box out from his coat pocket. He opened it and in it was the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen.

He said, " Now if you want to change anything, we can." "If you want a bigger diamond, we can change it." (If any of you have shopped with my husband, Jim, you know the intensity and investigative attitude that goes into each of his purchases. I knew this ring was chosen after hours of contemplation on his part.) No, No, No, I thought, it's perfect! As I slid the ring on my finger, again a perfect fit, I thought about how blessed I am. "Yes, we will renew our vows in Maui, Hawaii."

Our vow renewal will be at sunset on the beach where we will celebrate and renew our love.

God took me through the events and places in my life with his hand on me all along. I feel very blessed!

Debbie Leslie

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