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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Letters of love
Dedicated to My husband in Iraq

Submitted by Angela

Kevin and I met through a letter when I was 15 years old.He was a 18 year old Marine in Okinawa. I had a friend who wrote Operation Dear Abby and was writing him and some of his friends. She asked if I wanted to write any of them and I chose him from his picture.... I just knew..He says he knew too from my first letter that he was going to marry me.

We were pen pals for 5 years before we met and got married. Nothing elaborate, just a justice of the peace, and no money for a honeymoon.But that did not matter..We had eachother.

We just had our 15 year anniversary recently. He is in Iraq and could not be home, but that did not stop him from surprising me. In the middle of a war area,he still thought of me.He called the states and had flowers sent to me at home, all the way from Iraq, via satellite phone. He also called me,although very brief, and asked me to Marry him again. He promised we would do it when he came home....And we will. We would love to have that honeymoon we never had in Hawaii.

Although we met through letters years ago,they keep us together today.In a war zone and through months apart, our words of love is what keeps us going until we can be together again.I am so grateful to have a love that grows stronger, even through the hardship and heartache of separation. Just hearing his voice, or seeing his handwriting on paper is all I need to get me through until we can be together again.

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