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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

My First Love
Dedicated to Brenda Lewis

Submitted by Kenneth

It was 1967 and I saw this beautiful girl walking down the road. I approached her, but of course, she refused my offer of a ride home. So, I decided to find out more about her and later, I asked her for a date. We talked for a while, and finally she accepted. We dated for approximately 18 months and was going steady when I was involved in a terrible auto accident. This left me convalesant for approximately a year. During this time Brenda meet someone else and feel in love with this new man in her life. She married and moved from North Carolina to Florida, where they eventually started a family. I married and was blessed with two beautiful daughters. But this was not the love that God intended for me? She lived in Florida and was married to someone else. During the next 36 years Brenda and I would visit when we were in the same area at the same time and because of our bonding, we remained close friends. In February 2004, I was out traveling with a friend and by devine intervention ended up going through a small town in the panhandle of Florida, called Niceville. I remembered Brenda had mentioned this particular town to me and decided to see if I could get up with her while I was in the area. I never did reach her during this visit. My friend and I continued our trip and approximately a month later, I was back home and was going through some old paperwork and came across Brenda's phone number. So, I decided to call once again before I threw it away and Brenda answered the phone. We talked for approximately an hour that time and visited several more times over the next couple of months by telephone. As it turned out, I had been devorced for 10 years and Brenda's husband had been dead for 2 years, so she invited me down to visit and of course, I went. 800 miles.

We decided to ride over to New Orleans and at exit 43 on I-10, I, all of a sudden, ask Brenda to marry me. She and I both were flabergasted, and she didn't answer me. I thought that was it and I was finished in Florida. But two days later standing on the Panana City Beach Pier, Brenda, out of the blue, told me she would marry me. We married in July 2004 and I moved to Florida permanently to be with my first love. God works in mysterious ways and we are now planning our first trip to Hawaii for our honeymoon.

The End

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