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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to Theria

Submitted by Anonymous

My wife passed away in 1998. Before that we had visited Hawaii several times and had many many special memories of those times in Paradise. The beauty beyond words of such a special place on this earth. Of breath-taking sunsets, beautiful flora and crystal clear waters of the sea. Specail moments shared together.

In subsequent years I have visited Hawaii yearly, our special place, and now my newfound love, to recapture once again those special moments of our times there together in the Islands, forever gone except in my heart.

Even today, 7 years later, I can still feel the warm rays of the sun, the sweet aroma of the Islands, and the call of the ocean breeze bringing alive each those moments we had there together that we both cherished so fondly.

It seems I will always hear those voices calling me back each year, to relive the moments in Paradise, moments unlike any others.

Hawaii, truely is a taste of Paradise for me.

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