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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The Magic of the First Kiss
Dedicated to My wife of almost 25 years

Submitted by Paul

As a young teenager, because Cheryl was three years younger than me, I wasn't quite interested. At the time, I was dating her cousin who I thought was rather voluptuous at age 14 and quite a woman of the world. Of course, I was a green-horn in matters of the heart, even at age 15, and this worldly woman took advantage. I was helping on my father's job, so I had a few dollars to spend. I was so captivated by this seasoned woman that I did not realize what was right under my nose. Suffice it to say, Cheryl's young cousin took me for everything I thought I was worth and dumped me when my money soon got funny. With a broke heart and an empty pocket, I went home where I knew things would probably get worse because I would be alone in my misery. But to my luck, there in my house stood Cheryl who had visited for dinner after church. However, she was still young but was very mature for her age, and very pleasing to the eye. I told her about her trifling cousin and she offered me a shoulder to cry on and an ear that would listen. She also conveyed to me that she had had enough of her boyfriend, and this brought my smile back. After a few more encouraging words to each other, we found ourselves locked in the softest and sweetest kiss and embrace that I can still remember to this day. It was on the steps in my mother's house and no one seemed to be home but us. There were people there, but to us, it felt like we were all alone. I once said a few romantic words to her older sister, but neither her sister nor her snooty cousin kissed me like that. It was like magic and what dreams are made of. In June of 2001, we relived a little of the magic by visiting Hawaii on our 20th wedding anniversary. We were able to visit a lot of the breath-taking sites and feel some of the mystic that is Hawaii. But during that time, Cheryl was suffering physically and was scheduled for surgery upon our return home. Our trip was wonderful, in spite of the circumstances, but I promised I would return to our ultimate dream someday. Because we are both romantics at heart, Hawaii is the only way that we can re-live the magic of that first kiss.

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