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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love and Dedication
Dedicated to Donna Justice

Submitted by Tracy

I was a soldier and had just been transfered to Ft Knox after 4 years in Germany. I had 60 days leave stored up and wanted to visit my parents to catch up on family affairs with them so it was off to Ky to see them.

This was not the town I grew up in. I was the last of 6 kids and when I joined the Army they moved from FL, back to their home town in KY. I asked if they knew someone who could point out a theater. After 4 years of movies in German I wanted to hear one in English. They asked their neighbor if their daughter would take me. You've got to understand, I was 25 and Donna was 30 and our parents were setting us up?

That night was magic. I had met my soulmate. That was Nov 20 1986. We talked, we laughed and over the next few days we grew even closer. We liked the same kinds of books, the same kinds of movies, music. Soulmates! I couldn't bear the thoughts of being without her.

I was going to ask her to marry me. But I was terrified she would say no. I put on my dress uniform (for courage)and asked her to go on a drive to the lake with me. After we arrived we went for a short walk and chatted. I asked if I could see the ring she had on the ring finger of her left hand. She took it off and handed it to me, I looked at it for a moment and said" That's very pretty." I dropped to one knee and said " But I'd like to replace it with this one!" and gave her the engagemant ring. I was sure she would say it's to fast. But she never hesitated and smiled with tears of joy running down her beautiful face said "Of course!" Our wedding was on Dec 20 1986.

We had happy times before I began to suspect that I had given Donna the short end of the stick. I had injured my back in a training accident several years ago and it began to cause problems not longer after we were married. Within a couple of years her big, healthy, fit soldier who ran 5 miles every morning rain or shine was confined to a wheelchair. Paralized from the waist down.

Through the surgeries and the grueling physical therapy she has been by my side. Every day. When times got tough and we were tired I promised her that one day we would walk on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii when this was all done. I told her it would be the Honeymoon I should have taken you on when we first got married.

Well, thanks entirely to my beautiful Donna's support I'm no longer in that wheelchair. I can get by most days with just a cane.

And let me tell you, every bit of pain I went thru with operations and physical therapy was worth it to walk thru the park holding Donna's hand and to feel her rest her head against my shoulder when I hold her tight and tell her just how important to me she is.

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