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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Backpacking in Hawaii
Dedicated to J.c.

Submitted by Anonymous

We met his last semester of college in a backpacking class. It took almost a month before we actually said anything to each other, even though from day one we were hoping each Wednesday that the other would walk into class. We began hanging in social groups; eventually it turned into just him and I, sitting on his couch, watching movies every night.

From the beginning, he told me he was planning on moving to Colorado (from Tennessee) after graduation. Finally, that day came, but he did not go. He stayed all summer with me, and took off in October. There I was, my last year of college and a broken heart. I needed him. He was the one, and I let him go. So I decided to finish my last semester of college in Colorado with him. In December I packed my bags, kissed my family, and left home to find him.

I am in the last week of college. This has been the hardest semester yet. 18 hours of correspondence classes with a full time job. He has been there through it all. I got to spend an amazing four months with the man that I am going to marry. This time in Colorado has just gone to prove that. I believe that backpacking in Hawaii would be a perfect way to start the rest of our life together.

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