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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Dedicated to El

Submitted by Anonymous

Mine was not the typical love affair. As a college freshman yearning for learning...oh no, not from the books but longing to know everything new and unique. No old high school friend for a roomie. I needed cultural expansion. Fate was on my side. My roommate was from Hawaii! We bonded with shared interests in outdoor adventures. I introduced her to my rural Ozark roots and she invited me to her home in Maui for Christmas vacation. I fell in love. I loved the warm sunny days, the smells of the ocean, the cascading waterfalls, the exotic birds and flowers, the people. I had planned to become a teacher. There are schools in Hawaii, I thought. Why not apply for a position there. I did. Again, fate was on my side. I began my career as a teacher in Hawaii. It was always a challenge to reach the young and teach them what they need, but the rewards are many, no matter where you live. But in Hawaii, the rewards are so dramatic. I fell in love with Hawaii more than forty years ago. Hawaii is my first and lasting love.

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