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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

He Made Me Laugh
Dedicated to Bob Forest

Submitted by Barbara

When my first husband died, my children were 11, 12 and 15 years old. It was the last day of school for the children in May 1989. I received a call at work just as I was leaving to come home. My oldest daughter said Dad was acting funny. I told her to do what daddy said and I would come right home. I could barely hear her on the phone because she was crying and the background noise around me prevented me from understanding what she was saying. The 11 year old who is mildly retarded called my parents who live nearby for help. My elderly parents did not understand what she wanted; She also called 911 for help but did not leave an address or phone number. I hurried home and found my husband face down on the living room floor. He was nonresponsive and not breathing. The children ran outside crying and screaming. The neighbor came over who had been a paramedic before becoming a policeman. We did CPR until the EMS arrived and took my husband to the hospital. My husband died from a massive heart attack. I had to go home and tell my children that daddy didn't make it. The priest from our church came to say a prayer. My oldest sister took me to make funeral and burial arrangements. The children put a Fathers' day card, pictures and letters of love in the casket. At the gravesite, the 11 year old would not leave and kept crying "no, no I want my daddy" over and over. I had to carry her away from the casket that she reached out to grab, kicking and crying. It was the most horrible day of our lives. I did not want to feel anything again, I was numb for a long time and did not care about anything. We did not have much money then and family vacations were camping which we loved at nearby state parks. In our wildest dreams, we never thought of a Hawaiian vacation.
Five years later, I was asked out by a man who was sensitive and very funny. Two years later, we became a blended family. Bob started a new job and the honeymoon had to wait. His three children were 7, 12 and 15 years at the time. My youngest was 18; I was starting over. She has, since becoming an adult, developed Schizophrenia and will always live with us. Bob talked about seeing the world together. First we had to wait until the children were growned (we are old fashion). The youngest will graduate from high school this spring and start college in the fall. We have a cruise booked in Sept. to see Hawaii and plan on staying on the islands before and after the cruise. This man, my second chance at love, has made me laugh and cry, hope and dream again. This is the honeymoon I had to wait for when I married the second time around.

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