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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Paradise Lost
Dedicated to The Young Lady Waiting

Submitted by Joe

...The day had been long and hard as the smoke from the oil filled the day and turned it to night...The second day was worse than the first, when we approached iraq with uncertainty in our souls...To live or die, we had no clue...It was the mission and we were soldiers...The agreement to end fighting was settled and i felt a desire to write back a person that had sent the care package that sat in front of me. It was put together so nicely and taken apart so quickly by the group of guys surrounding me and the box. I sent a letter out to her immediately and in 20 days i received a reply that was incredibly inspiring and contained much more stuff from her city that locals had decided to add to the box. She told me stories of the beauty of her home and island of Oahu, Hawaii. I reread the letter out loud to all who cared to listen and we exchanged several more over the next couple of months.Promises were made again and again to see each other and to experience the island beauty together... Four days prior to our unit coming home, I received the final letter...from her parents, stating that she had died in a boating accident. Hawaii and the beauty of the girls heart still lives within me as i sit and wait for her letters to arrive in my dreams.

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