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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

My Only Love
Dedicated to My Husband, Arthur E Sochia Sr

Submitted by Ellen

I met my only love at a high school dance. I never dated before this dance. I saw this most wonderful looking boy in the world. He caught my eye as soon as I saw him. He didn't see me. My girlfriend I was with, went up to this boy and asked him if he would like to meet me. He told her yes. He came over to where I was standing, my whole body shook with joy. We exchanged hi's. He then left and said he would be back. I thought that he did not like me or what I looked like. I was so sad, because I loved him,with no explanation. He did come back to see me. I was so over joyed. He was 14yrs at the time, I was 15 yrs. We married when he was 17 yrs, I 18yrs. We have now been married for 31 yrs, to be 32 yrs on Sept 8,1973. We never had a honeymoon, and would love to go to a beautiful place as Hawaii. This would be a wonderful first romantic trip we have ever taken. He is a kind, sincere, thoughtful, and caring man, not only to me, but also to his 2 grown sons. We love each other so much and would not know what to do without one another.

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