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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

How I learned to trust again
Dedicated to All those who believe in love

Submitted by Anonymous

Mike stretched out on the warm beaches of Oahu, Hawaii. A recent divorcee, he had decided to move to Hawaii where tropical breezes, a relaxed lifestyle and peace waited. He sighed as he thought about his ex-wife. Carrie had been a socialite—snobby, back-stabbing and unfaithful. Closing his eyes and breathing in the salty ocean air, he thanked God he was free from her. Women were not to be trusted, he thought to himself.

Mike was almost asleep when a voice startled him.

"Excuse me, but is that your chair?"

He popped his eyes open and leaning over him was the most beautiful island girl he had ever seen. She had dark brown, bright white smile, chocolate eyes and long black hair.

"Uh…no, it's not. But if you want it, take it." He flashed his own smile at her.

She laughed and they began to flirt.

That was the beginning of their romance. Mike was captivated by Kiala's simple sweetness and innocence. He shared his past with her, telling her how hard it was for him to trust any woman because of his ex-wife. She kissed his cheek and told him that he could trust her.

As he looked into her eyes, he believed her. Hawaii had raised a beautiful daughter—inside and out. She embodied simple values, appreciation for nature's wonders, tranquility and joy. Kiala was Hawaii to him. He had found his home.

After forty years of marriage, Mike and Kiala still live in Hawaii, where they find happiness every day.

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