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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Love Never Ends
Dedicated to My True Love, Barron

Submitted by Michele

It was a warm summer day in Wisconsin on the hot pavement of a public basketball court where the men were running up and down the court in the middle of a game. I was sitting on the sidelines with a friend when I noticed an exceptionally good looking man smiling at me from the court. After the game ended, he approached me and jokingly asked if he come home with me. We both laughed and went our separate ways. Months later we met up again at a gas station but this time we exchanged phone numbers. He called me and we went out on the most spectacular dinner date. I felt so comfortable with him and we had so much fun laughing and talking together. There was that instant bonding between us that has kept us close ever since we first met. I believe we fell in love the first time we met and we have stayed in love over the 15 years that we have known each other. I would love to vacation in Hawaii with the love of my life and enjoy the wonderful experience of being on such a romantic island as Hawaii with the man that I love.

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