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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

"Our Tree"
Dedicated to My Children

Submitted by L.K

Many years ago I met and feel in love with my soul-mate.It was a love like I have never known.We had a perfect wedding and a perfect honeymoon.We spent a wonderful week in Hawaii.My husband promised we would someday return to show our children where our life as man and wife began.

The years gently sliped by and our children were nearly grown, ready to start their own lives.My husband and I were as much in love as we were on our honeymoon.We had such a deep love for each other,that when I just sit quietly thinking of him ,a tear would always fill my eyes.Everytime we were in a crowded room,I could always feel my husbands loving eyes on me.When I turned and our eyes would meet, I could feel his love for me,it was as if his eyes were calling and yearning for me.All I had to do was look in his eyes and I just new everything was going to be alright.

Our 25th. anniversary was approaching and my husband was ready to take the children and I to Hawaii,he really did want to show them where our beautiful life together started.So the whole family sat down and planned our whole trip together.We were scheduled to leave in 3 weeks, and we just couldn't wait.

My husband and I layed awake allnight that night,remembering the precious moments we spent 25 years ago on our honeymoon.He had said that he wanted his children to see the most beautiful place here on earth."Babe,he whispered,You have been the Greatest thing that has ever happened in my life.When I look at you, I can still see the magestic shores of Hawaii." Eventually the night embraced us as we slept arm and arm until the morning light awoken us.My husband tenderly kissed my cheek and went off to work.Later that morning I got a sick feeling that I just couldn't shake.Then there was a knock on the door and jolted me out of my chair.I will never forget that feeling as the police officer stood at my door and told me what happened for as long as I live.The humble voice of the stranger informed me that there had been a terible accident and that they did all they could do for my husband.A drunk driver claimed the life of my husband and my children's father as he drove on his way to work.We were totally devastated.

A few weeks had passed and it was nearing the time of our planned trip.My children had asked that we still go because it was what Dad wanted us to do.I was unsure, afterall it had only been 14 days since the furneral I just didn't even want to live let alone go on a vacation without my husband.My children convienced me to go and gave the extra plane ticket to my Mom.Getting on that plane and flying away from where my husband quietly slept gave me a heartfelt sickness that went clear to my soul.

We all arrived in Hawaii and was greeted by the warmth of the sun.We checked into our hotel and as hard as I could I tried to be cheerful, for my childrens sake.They are both teenagers and I had to remember that it was their father that they lost, and not feel quiet so sorry for myself.I wasn't the only person to of lost someone I loved.So putting on my best happy face I suggested we go to a special place where their Dad and I had our first picnic together as man and wife.Driving to the secluded place brought back many happy memories as I pointed out the lovely scenery.We parked the car and started walking back to the place where the waterfall came down the cliff.I was telling my little family about that magical day with their Dad and as I did, I noticed something on the tree that was nearby.As I walked over to the tree I saw it,carved in the trunk were the initials G.D. loves L.D. I couldn't believe it! Without me knowing my husband carved that message 25 years earlier and I never knew it until now.With that message left for me I knew that everything was going to be alright.No one could ever take the love of my husband away.

My husband always wanted to see where our life began and now in a sense, Hawaii was once again a place for my life to begin, again.Standing at the foot of that tree, with tears rolling down my face,I breathed new life. And with a sense of hope, I knew that I would go on.Many years have passed,the children are married with kids of their own, and I am making plans to see Hawaii again.To see the mountains and feel the warmth that Hawaii embraces to everyone that comes there.But most of all ,to see the tree, our tree.

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