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Love Stories of Hawaii


Your Vacation Trip To Hawaii
Dedicated to John Merrell

Submitted by John

the story goes the family is on there way on the trip all there lifes here in hawaii nice place to visit now as they are on there way for a big speical for them the family has plans to go visit the beach festivals and on a boat ride the husband and wife make the night just right for them and the 4 kids they have on the vacation so on the way to the boat the kids are at the hotel getting ready for the to surf swim have a great cool time there in the water on the beach there they are jumping in the pool playing games they make new friends there and talk with them now back to the parents in the boat the father is fishing and the mother is laying out in the sun getting a great tan by night time they all go back to the hotel and get in the bed to sleep for the next big day in hawaii but they get up and go out again the family is walking the beach and having a good times talk with each other how nice it cool it is on the beach better than where they live now in the east coast new york it is always cold in the winter time and now they are on there favorite time there vacation trip to hawaii nice.

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