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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

A dream
Dedicated to Farzad

Submitted by shadaba

I wish I could start by saying that is was love at first sight ,it was like a fairytale from the begining to the end and we both lived happily everafter.As you grow older you realize life is rarely like that.

I was going through a difficult time in life when I met Farzad.I had lost all faith in love and then out of no where he came into my life.I wont tell you it was like firworks but it feels different like a lying a green slope with the sun warming every part of you or like a warm soft blanket all around you or the most peaceful sleep youve ever had.I never took a single moment with him for granted every day every loving word every endearing gesture was a blessing I thanked god a hundred times for.But these blissful five years came to an end as all beautiful things do when I had to move to RI.Now I see him every couple of months only.We hope to get together and get married some day but right now for once in my life, I cant see the future Right at this moment I feel this pain just as if a part of me had been taken away. I would give everything in the world to be with him for a few moments.

I have nver seen Hawaii but it looks like paradise even in the pictures.Sometimes moments in time are captured in your mind forever and they last a life time.Beautiful moments of time spent with people you love in places that are magical can make up for a hundred lifetimes of solitude and what better place to experience and celebrate eternal love than paradise on earth, Hawaii.

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