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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Thank you Internet
Dedicated to Tatyana

Submitted by Pat

A few months ago, this young lady contacted me via the internet. I was mildly surprised. I was shocked to find that she was in Russia. Over the next few months, we exchanged much information, and many ideas about Life, and goals, and dreams.

In many ways, communicating via the Internet is easier than dating. No false anything. Just honest to goodness communication. What would make the story even more beautiful would be that this was the first attempt by each of us; but it wasn't. We've both been through alot of 'junk' to get where we are. But instead of being two people believing that there was nothing else in Life, we were two people seeking what was best for us. As it turns out, it'll be each other. She should be here (Houston) in the next month or so, and I'm pretty sure we'll be married.

This Hawaii trip could be a wonderful honeymoon for a woman that's never been outside her own country. What a 'welcome'to the USA!

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