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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

Hawaii Brought Heaven Down To Earth
Dedicated to My Son, Dustin Hay

Submitted by Lisa

October 24, 1997, started as a routine day, going to work, my children in school. All was well in my world. Then, a night that changed my life FOREVER. My son, Dustin, died in a car accident. I believed my life ended at that moment. "How can I live with him gone? Heaven is so far way," I said. Years passed, and I still felt so far way from Dustin. Then, my husband surprised me with tickets to Hawaii. He said, "Lisa,I believe that this trip will help you feel closer to Dustin." I thought, "Hawaii is probably a wonderful place, but there's no way it will bring Dustin back." I was excited, but apprehensive when we left. We landed in Maui, and I thought what a beautiful place. We drove towards Lahaina. I must add that my son, Dustin, loved sunsets. He always was in awe of them each time he saw one. As we were driving along the coastline, we rounded a bend, and I beheld the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen in my lifetime. It was breathtaking! We pulled over, and sat and watched the sunset until it disappeared into the ocean. I gasped, and felt as if Dustin was saying, "Isn't this awesome, Mom? I'm still right here beside you. Love doesn't end, just because you cannot see me right now." I couldn't help from crying. I actually felt my son was right beside me at that moment. Each night, after that,we always seen the most beautiful sunsets that I could ever imagine. I felt like I now knew what Heaven must look like, and I realized that Dustin would always be with me. Hawaii showed me that love never ends, that we carry it inside our hearts, even if the one we love cannot be physically with us. And, for John and I, it was like Dustin was wanting us to experience the love we once had between us too. He was telling us he was ok, and that he would never be far away. So, Hawaii brought into my life, two loves-I realized my son's love would always be with me, that things he loved, like sunsets, would remind me that he was here, and it brought the love between John and me back, even stronger than it had ever been before.

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