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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

A love never forgotten
Dedicated to Josh

Submitted by Anonymous

Love is one of those words that you never know where is will take you. As for Josh his ambition was to go to school and get a degree. That was an excellent idea in this day and age. Everyone needs to have a good education. Well when he finally told me where he was planning on going, my heart broke. We live in Ohio, and I already had been accepted to the college where I wanted to go. Josh on the other hand decided he wanted to go to the best college in his field, which happened to he in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I did not want him to go so far away from me, but I knew that was best for him and if he wanted to go then what was I to say to hold him back. When he finally left it was very hard on both of us. When he's right down the road, I know what he's getting into and what he is doing, but when he is how many states away, how was I ever going to keep up with him.

Well after long talks, and short trips to see me, Josh finally finished his college education. He graduated from college February 14. He then moved back home to be with me. Things are great between us. We've been there for each other through everything. He is my shoulder when I need to cry, and my ears when I need to talk. I love him very much. The day after Thanksgiving he asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes.

I am now trying to finish up my college education, plan a wedding and figure out a great place to take a honeymoon. Hawaii was our first choice. I want to be able to get out and see the world, I want to show Josh the world, but I know that will not be the case. So that why I feel a romantic honeymoon to Hawaii would be a great start to all the wonderful parts of the word. To be able to start our lives out with a beautiful trip to Hawaii would make both of our dreams come true.

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