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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Love

Love At 15 (neva Be Alone)
Dedicated to Brennan Cargo

Submitted by Bianka

i moved to queensland due to peers i didt wanna come this caused some tears i meet you at the local store you were so gorgous to hard to egnore you stood out from all your other mates its amazing the feeling that love creates well were mates for months just getting to no you i loved you then cos of the things wed do we didt talk much until one nite i cheatd on my boy friend and got in a fight i was a discrace with pain and tears running down my face i was walking around for hours with no one there so i went to your house sat on your bed and all i could do was stair into your gorgous brown eyes with confussion in them i told you every thing from start to stop the first time you said i love you i havt forgot im so glad i went to your house that day i no now queensland with you is were i wanna stay brennan i love you i really do its wired you no cos im 16 but it feels so right forever baby me and you forever and ever were closer then tight.wel marry one day i dream it all the time im yours for ever and your all mine we will surf the word and do it all ive got you i want nothing more well go to hawaii and call it home put it this way youll never be alone....

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