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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

Your Love Is Mine Again
Dedicated to Dan Murchison

Submitted by Anonymous

In 1977, Dan and I had what was considered a "heavy crush" our senior year. Sadly, a future for us was not meant to be at that time. I moved away and went to college and he remained in our hometown. As time went on, we both married and had a family of our own. However, we always kept in touch every five years at our high school reunion. It was always such a happy occasion for me because you see, I never got over my "crush" on Dan.

The years sped by and our children grew up, but our friendship remained. Shortly after our 20th reunion, we found ourselves single again. Since it was between reunions, we didn't know the other was single until I happened to phone Dan to ask him if he was interested in attending a multiyear reunion.. I then found out that Dan was single. Even though he didn't attend that reunion, he did ask me out to lunch. I was so happy when Dan asked me out for lunch that December - my heart soared with happiness and anticipation. What would I wear? Do I still have "it"? Why can't I be skinny like I was in high school? All these thoughts were so silly now in retrospect. We were in our 40's and high school was forever ago but still a girl always wonders. Dan put my mind at ease very quickly with his mischievous smile and roaming eyes both told me all I needed to know.

That lunch was the first of many wonderful dates and unforgettable memory makers before Dan asked me to move in with him a little over two years later. We were married a year after moving in together, and have been living in happily married bliss since June of 2003. I have found in Dan the love of my life and my best pal. We have so much fun together, we communicate with each other like no one else on earth we are truly a "match made in Heaven."

Dan and I love to travel. We have been to the beach many times (mostly in Florida). We went to Aruba on our honeymoon. However, my parents have told us many times - GO TO HAWAII! They have been to five of the Hawaiian islands and loved every trip. So now our dream trip has become what theirs was - Hawaii. I know that one day Dan and I will get there - because together we can do anything.

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