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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

The waiting
Dedicated to Haleakala

Submitted by Wendy

The princess of Haleakala, she is actually of the same name as the Sun, will every now and then fall in love. She fell in love with typically, the kind of seaman who will know the guide star Arcturis will hang over Hawaii in the springtime, and will always come.

This one man in particular, he was as famous as the sun in his time, and she was deeply enamored. She would give him a sign that she came on a cycle of time, and make the sign of great waves. She made a terrific shipwreck, and kept him very close which made her even more crazy in love. She would make the waves sing a song at night, and he would venture out sometimes, lured by such beautiful music. One time she went too far. She made the music too beautiful, and he ventured right out into sea and disappeared. She believes he is a man who will easily overcome the barriers of the physical world, and show a mighty strength.

She to this day awaits a sign, and she sees in everything that it is given, but it is never close enough to her own power to ease her craziness. She is going to wait forever. Beware, if music is too beautiful, she may just have a fit of rage and regret, and smash things all to pieces.

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