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Love Stories of Hawaii

Long Distance Love

How My Nngel Woke Me
Dedicated to Suzan

Submitted by Anonymous

i have hsd epeleptic seizures since i was nnine i moved to london to work i went on a study drug to help the siezures i had a crush on the woman in charge of the study but she dident know i ended up having a bad siezure one night while getting ready for work i wasn' coming out of it and they couln't stop it i went into a coma, they thought i was goning to die she visited me often the only thing i rember from the whole ordeal is hercracking my eyes open an seeing her standing at the end of my bed in a labwhite lab coat she looked like an angel i remember telling myself i had to eake up a tell her an tell her that i was in love with her and i have our relaationship has blossomed but we barly see each other a trip to hawaii woul be perfect for us to bond

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