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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

How to Catch a Rainbow
Dedicated to My husband

Submitted by Anonymous

My husband and I first journeyed to Hawaii as a young couple in college. Neither of us had experienced much of the world then, but we had already committed ourselves to a serious and lasting relationship; we even invited my parents to come along so that everyone could get to know one another in a beautiful setting. And the beauty of the Islands ruptured even our grandest expectations; after all, we had only seen Hawaii in pictures. My Dad, a photography fanatic newly armed with a super-fancy digital camera, attempted to capture every detail of our stint in paradise; by the end of our vacation we had hundreds of shots of sunsets in Waikiki, the indigo/cyan/aquamarine gradient of Hanauma Bay, the slumbering turtles dotting the North Shore. My favorite, though, is a shot of my husband and I, leaning against each other in the surf and looking at our footprints, unaware of the camera. The extraordinary light in the shot makes us look like silhouettes, and the whole shot looks like a picture from the mind's eye, a memory.

Two years later, that photograph had been through the rotation on our computer desktop, and from our cell-like dorms in Boston we had only vague memories of the profound peace of Aloha. We but saved our money, splurged on a new digital camera, and returned to Hawaii. One day, on the Road to Hana in Maui, our camera broke. Initially, we were disappointed by our inability to record the scene around us. We continued to drive, turning a sharp corner in the roadówe had stumbled upon a magnifcent rainbow outstretched over the ocean. That moment was divinely beautiful, with the endlessness of the water, the clarity of the colors, the scent of Hawaiian ginger draping the air. And no words could capture its completeness. No photo either. All we have is a memory, one that is always rekindled when we look into one another's eyes. Somehow this is more vivid than any picture could ever be.

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