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Love Stories of Hawaii


Maui Dream
Dedicated to Bob

Submitted by Pat

the very best holiday i ever took was to maui,hawaii.we stayed at the fabulous kea lani hotel right on the beach .my favourite moment was whale watching,even just walking along the trails in makena the whales swam by.the seafood was especially enjoyed by my husband who fell in love with mahi mahi.we went to see the sunrise over haleakela,and oh course went to a luau.i loved the tropical flowers of hawaii,and found the nene delightful.we also travelled to waikiki on oahu hawaii where we viited pearl harbour, and the cemetary in the crater.the pineapple fields were huge and i had my fill yum!i have to say if i ever got the chance to go back to hawaii i wouldnot hesitate for a moment .hawaii i love her.

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