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Love Stories of Hawaii

Second Chance Love

What True Love Feels Like
Dedicated to my husband, Perry

Submitted by A

Being a VERY shy girl throughout school it was no wonder boys never asked me out. As my senior year was passing before me, there was one boy who did ask me out on a date, which was an amazing feat in itself because he was very handsome and very popular and I just could not figure out why "ME?" As it turns out, he really liked me but still being very shy, I wasn't ready for a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and he knew that and we parted ways. Of course I never forgot him and every so often he would sneak into my mind and I would wonder about him. He truly was the last person on earth I thought I would ever hear from again. Well 23 years later he found me through the internet and wrote me. That one letter changed my life forever. We began writing and talking and found out we lived in the same state, and after 3 weeks we knew we could never be apart and fell deeply and hopelessly in love. We reminisced on our past and he told me of a trip he had taken as a senior to Hawaii and that it was the most beautiful place he had ever been before. He said he always pictured himself going back to Hawaii someday with a very special love, and he said now that he has found that special love with me, he has now promised me that we would go to the "Island of Love," as he calls it. We have been married for 3 years now and my love for him only grows deeper and more intense and he gave me the greatest gift of know what true love feels like. And to this day he still tells me he knew the moment my love for him was so pure and that he knew we would be together forever. It was the very first time we saw each other after 23 years and I ran into him arms and hugged him so tightly for what seemed like an eternity where I couldn't tell where my body ended and his body began and he said that after he gently released his hug from me, that I didn't let go and he knew at that moment he had found the love he was searching for so long as well.

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