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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

A Promise Made
Dedicated to Dianna

Submitted by Anonymous

It Was June 17, 1978

The day all young girls dream of, the day they marry the man of there dreams. We were young with nothing as most young couples in love. I was fresh from the navy, she a waitress both with no job waiting. The church donated most, her mother made the dress, it was beautiful and so was she. With no money, the honeymoon was a local hotel. I whispered to her "I promise to take you to Hawaii for our 25th". We raised two children and both college bound, one second year law, the other graduating with respiratory therapy her future. Therefore, the promise made was again delayed. She was always there even when I questioned our future and myself (depression). She never waved, for that; I know how lucky I am. She is me, and I her. I wrote a poem during my depression, I remembered my first double rainbow in Hawaii when I was in the service. It was ironic I wrote it before the contest. I live the dream now; fore I have the girl of my dreams.

The Poem to My Wife

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? Do you know what it's supposed to show? Those two beautiful arches in the sky. When they become one it makes you cry. You only see a double a couple of times. In your life, it's a sign to let it shine. As the colors blend, it shouldn't be the end. But the beginning of a new. Bonding true and true. The colors fade in time and disappear. They are really there but not quite clear, for if you look just little while, you're bound to see the colors and you smile, fore they reappear in the distant. You know in an instant, they have always been there.

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