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Love Stories of Hawaii

Timeless Love

Sunset in Paradise
Dedicated to The love of my life, Kimberlee

Submitted by Tim

The remnants of the dying day shimmered in golden rivlets across the water.They sat at the edge of the surf, curled deeply in each others' arms. The tide lapped at their feet, wisps of foam bubbling in between their toes.

They gazed deep into the eyes of their eternal love, lost in the passion that defined them. They lovingly caressed each others' skin, each touch filling them with epic levels of sensation.

The sunset begin to streak across the darkening sky in vivid shades of red, copper and deep purple. The sand that had hours earlier been enriched with the heat of the day cooled to the touch. Their hands entwined, savoring the beauty of their honeymoon destination.

"Welcome to our future," he whispered softly into her ear with a kiss, "welcome to Hawaii."

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